Conversation: The Future of Social Enterprise

Harvard Business School professors V. Kasturi Rangan and Susan McDonald are hosting a conversation based on their recent paper, The Future of Social Enterprise. Click here to read a summary of their findings and join in the conversation.

The questions posed center around social sector evolution and measuring ROI and social impact – the conversation started today and already has some interesting posts.  These web forum conversations generally only last a week or two, so check it out now in order to participate!


2 responses to “Conversation: The Future of Social Enterprise

  1. Beth, An interesting coincidence, noting first you’re in North Carolina, since the org that I now run from the UK was founded in Chapel Hill. People-Centered Economic Development took its first social business project to Russia to leverage a microfinance bank, and now works in Ukraine.
    What’s interesting right now is that the P-CED social capitalism based model seems to have become mainstream in the launch of “creative capitalism” by Bill Gates. An interesting blog on this subject can be found at


  2. Hi Jeff – I’m actually also Jeff, not Beth (although I do link to and regularly read Beth Kanter’s excellent “Beth’s Blog”). I’m actually out of town with limited internet access right now, but will check out your suggested link on Monday. Thanks!

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