YNOT Combinator

I keep a list titled “Crazy Ideas” and a couple days after Twitter announced that they were going to shut down Vine, I wrote:

Y Not? Combinator – a second chance fund / biz plan competition for apps/companies being sunsetted e.g. Vine, Google Reader, etc. Companies could help fund via cost savings of early exit

I saw news this afternoon that Twitter COO Adam Bain was leaving the company, and I thought that maybe he could lead the process, but a quick news search shows Twitter is already in talks to sell Vine.

I still think this idea has legs, though. I miss Google Reader (and I thought I missed deli.cio.us but just found out it’s still around and my old login works – though it’s been sunsetted and sold several times).

I think that the businesss plan/pitch competition element could help keep core users excited and reinvigorate those hearing about its demise nostalgic enough to try it again, as well as creating a fundable vehicle to revive/resize a once-promising business.




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