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Amtrak = Ride in Style. Really?!?

Only in the nonprofit sector could you get an email that in all seriousness suggests riding Amtrak as a way to get to a professional conference “in style.”  Can you believe:

Are you thinking about coming to the Nonprofit Congress National Meeting, but aren’t sure whether you can afford a flight? Do you want to avoid the hassle of driving and paying a premium for gas? Then get on the train!

Amtrak offers plenty of trains to Washington, DC, a comfortable atmosphere (including outlets to plug in your laptop or other electronic devices on many trains), and now, a 10% discount to Nonprofit Congress National Meeting attendees!

Reminds me of the postcard I received from my friend Adam as he traveled via train shortly after college graduation.  It was an Amtrak-branded postcard, and pictured the train going through a beautifully wooded mountain.  On the back, Adam wrote: “Amtrak destroys yet another one of America’s scenic treasures.”

Note to the organizers: if you’re looking to convince those of us who have to pay for this out of pocket to attend (i.e. our employers won’t pay for it), then consider holding the event over a weekend, rather than Monday-Thursday.  If our employers see the value in this enough to give us time to attend, they’ll generally pay for our travel.  And don’t insult those of us who do need to pinch pennies by telling us that Amtrak = riding in style.  I’ve had to ride Amtrak many times, and I’d never describe the trip as “going in style.”